Why was The Legion National Foundation created?

The Legion National Foundation was created to meet the needs of both beneficiaries and donors across Canada. Royal Canadian Legion officials, over the years, were asked by prospective corporate and individual donors about philanthropic gifts that would result in both national impact and a tax receipt. Many generous people including corporate leaders are interested in making an impact on Veterans. The National scope and an official tax receipt were key to their philanthropic vision. The Royal Canadian Legion cannot issue tax receipts therefore, the next important step was to create a charitable organization that met the needs of both the donors and the needs of Veterans and Canadians. A case for support including Veterans Wellness, Scholarships and Bursaries, the Pilgrimages and the Remembrance Contests was established by a volunteer Board of Directors at the Legion National Foundation. The creation of the Legion National Foundation means donors give generously knowing their impact is from coast to coast to coast.

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