National Youth Remembrance Contests

Fostering Remembrance Through Creative Expression

Honouring Heroes through Creativity

Through the annual National Youth Remembrance Contests, the Legion National Foundation, with the support of The Royal Canadian Legion and schools across the country, invites Canadian youth and children to honour Canada’s Veterans and foster the tradition of Remembrance through visual art, writing, and video.

The contests include multiple levels of competition. Poster and literary works compete first at the Legion Branch local level, with winning entries moving forward until they reach the provincial level. Video entries compete first at the Legion Command provincial level. Provincial finalists of all contests then move forward for final judging by the Legion National Foundation to determine the national winners.

Our impact

Inter-generational Connection

The contests help to bridge the gap between different generations and promote increased interaction between Veterans and young people, fostering a profound respect for Canada’s Heroes – our Veterans.

National Pride and Unity

Canadian youth come together to honour and commemorate Veterans, fostering a sense of national pride and reinforcing the bonds within their community.

Personal and Educational Growth

Participating in the contests provides students across Canada with the chance to gain new skills, reflect on important matters, and grow into more compassionate individuals, all while honouring Veterans.

Recognition and Inspiration

Category winners receive prizes, while Senior finalists are offered the chance to represent Canadian youth at the National Remembrance Day Ceremony in Ottawa. This aims to encourage others to appreciate the significance of honouring Veterans and advocating for Remembrance.

Write to Remember!

Capturing Remembrance Through Written Word.

The Literary Contest provides participants with a platform to convey their tributes, stories, and reflections on the sacrifices of our Veterans through the power of written word in essay or poem form. Join us in honouring their legacy through the art of storytelling and literary expression.

Brushes at the Ready!

Artistic Tributes through Visual Art.

The esteemed poster category in the National Youth Remembrance Contests lets participants explore visual artistry to honour our Veterans’ sacrifices with boundless creativity and heartfelt expression. Participants create and submit original artworks, all while exploring themes of Remembrance through drawing, painting, or illustration.

Lights, Camera, Remembrance!

Sharing Remembrance through motion picture.

We’re thrilled to announce the new addition to the National Youth Remembrance Contest: our video category! This expansion offers participants a fresh opportunity to share their tributes, stories, and reflections on the sacrifices of our Veterans in an innovative way.

Visit the National Youth Remembrance Contests Website for All the Details

Explore the Official National Youth Remembrance Contests Website, where you'll find comprehensive details on contest rules, judging criteria, enticing prizes, and clear guidelines for submitting your entry.

See the Works of Participants From Previous Years

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