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The magnitude of sacrifice carried by the Canadian Armed Forces and Royal Canadian Mounted Police is immense, encompassing physical and mental challenges, familial strains, financial struggles and personal hardships.

With assistance from The Royal Canadian Legion, The Legion National Foundation is dedicated to acknowledging and honouring the invaluable contributions of these dedicated Veterans while actively working to alleviate the hardships they face.

Our commitment strives to bring about positive change and support that revitalizes the lives of these individuals, ensuring they regain a sense of balance, purpose, and the respect they truly deserve.

We Support Veterans

Veteran Health and Wellness

Scholorships & Bursaries for Veterans Families

We Honour their Contribution

National Youth Remembrance Contests

Pilgrimage of Remembrance

Impact by the Numbers.

Donated to the Legion National Foundation by generous donors to create real impact in the lives of Canada’s Heroes.
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Give back to our heroes.
There are many ways to support our veterans.

You can give meaningfully to Vetertans through monthly contributions, one-time donations, security donations, legacy gifts, fundraising events and corporate giving. Your gift supports Canada’s Veterans 365 days a year, ensuring their well-being, resilience, and honour are upheld with unwavering dedication and gratitude.

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