Your legacy with the Legion National Foundation.


As you make your Legacy Gift, download our helpful document for advice on how to prepare for a meeting with your lawyer.

What is legacy giving? Also called “planned giving”, legacy giving is a gift left in the will of a donor to be left to a charity after their passing. Think of planned giving as planting a seed that will be nurtured and cared for over time, growing into a strong and mighty tree. 

What is the benefit? Legacy giving offers flexibility to a donor.  It is not just a sum of money that can be donated. An item, property, percentage of estate, and life insurance are options a donor has when planning their legacy gift. Planning your gift also gives you the chance to work more closely with your charity of choice and determine where you want your gift to go, whether to supporting a specific Veterans’ cause or expanding our youth remembrance programs. Many are concerned that they cannot leave a legacy gift as they wish to take care of their family. With legacy giving, your estate will receive a tax receipt, allowing you to take of your loved ones and a cause that is close to your heart.

Why donate to Legion National Foundation? Veterans’ care will always be a priority. A new generation of Canadian Veterans will need assistance with their health and wellness. Continue to take care of Canada’s most vulnerable even after you are gone. Your donation will also assist with our programs will foster remembrance in Canadians, securing that they always remember what Veterans have done for them through the National Poster and Literary Contests for Canadian youth and the Pilgrimage of Remembrance for Canadian adults. But most importantly, your legacy will continue the legacy of the 118,000+ thank made the ultimate sacrifice for Canada. Contact Legion National Foundation today at to discuss your plans for a legacy gift. 


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